This solution is available as part of:  Intelidy Pro, Intelidy ProCare

Intelidy provides everything you expect from a workforce management system and more.

Your employees can clock in and out through the web-based system or through a phone verification system. They are able to quickly access their assigned shifts, view paid time off balances, or read notices, as well as calendars, tasks, notes, and view training videos and more.

Intelidy also allows for electronic signatures, approvals, and custom timesheets, including job costing by customer or billing code.

The system also tracks timesheet changes and adjustments, and alerts the payroll department when a payroll correction should be processed. A comprehensive scheduling feature with rotating scheduling options such as 4 on 2 off saves supervisors a tremendous amount of time in covering shifts.

Approving timesheets and shift requests couldn’t be easier. And managers like using the attendance tracking feature to monitor performance issues