The Automated Compliance Management Module is offered as a stand-alone solution through Intelidy’s eVeri5.0, available for $39.99/month. It comes equipped with document and record management features to track expiring records and upload other documents for the audit and survey process.

In regulated industries such as healthcare, providers are required to check specific credentials and exclusion listings at the federal and state level. Failure to ensure that employees and contractors are eligible to work may impact the welfare of the individuals served and could also result in survey deficiencies, penalties, and loss of contracts.

Intelidy’s comprehensive, yet simple to use, online Automated Compliance Management Module was designed for businesses faced with the complex task of managing compliance issues. Recognized as a “best practice” by our state’s department of aging and disability services, this proven technology allows more production with fewer staff to instantly search multiple registries initially and automatically thereafter on a monthly basis for each vendor, contractor or employee you enter.

The registries we check include but are not limited to:

State OIG Fraud Exclusions
Federal US -HHS OIG Fraud Prevention and Detection
Nurse/Medication Aid Registries
Professional Licenses and Certifications

Use our software to:

  • Ensures legal compliance
  • Verifies employees are eligible to work
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed compliance reports, 24/7
  • Instant and ongoing monthly verifications
  • Document management
  • Employee database
  • Email alerts
  • Includes contractor and vendor verifications
  • Increases productivity & efficiency
  • Reduces staffing costs
  • Custom integration
  • Paperless

If you are using any of our workforce management modules, the system will automatically check the selected registries. This module is also available separately and we can automate employee information directly from other systems you use.

This module also includes a customizable document and record management system.

Professional License Verification

Intelidy integrates and automates data of licensing boards to verify credentials for employees and contractors such as registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, physicians, psychologists, and other professional level positions and notifies managers of expiring records.

We guarantee that it will reduce staffing costs, increase productivity, and minimize your risk of non-compliance.

Learn More About Key Features:

Employee Management
The employee management system allows you to easily add, edit, and delete employees to be monitored by our automated monthly checks.

Employee Review
The employee review page gives you a detailed list of each automated monthly check including the status, date, and supervisor who reviewed this employee.

Compliance Report
The compliance report provides a quick overview of the status of all of your monitored employees and alerts you to any employees with expired licenses.

Detailed Employee Review
The detailed employee review shows you all of the details available for a single review of one employee. This page includes any additional notes added by the supervisor who reviewed the employee.

The dashboard gives you a high-level overview of this month’s review process and alerts you to how many employees still need to be reviewed this month in order for your company to remain in compliance.

Documents and Records
The documents and records allow you to store documents electronically and track certification expiration dates for your employees.