About Intelidy

Intelidy streamlines processes, centralizes communications, and helps to identify improvement opportunities. Developed in 2000 to manage a large volume payroll with complex labor reporting requirements, the timekeeping module is the foundation of the Intelidy system. Over the years, Intelidy has been expanded to offer a multitude of options and comprehensive solutions under one roof that sets it apart from others.

After numerous requests, Intelidy has been made available to other companies. Never losing sight of humble beginnings, the need to do more with less, and the quest for excellence in everything we do, our mission is to offer a high end system at an affordable price to help businesses succeed in managing business intelligence.

Intelidy offers:

  • Time & Attendance
  • Human Resources
  • Document and Task Management
  • Automated Compliance
  • Revenue Management
  • Custom Dashboard to monitor key performance indicators in other aspects of your business.

The work of Intelidy and VP, Cindy Kirkland has been a tremendous asset to our foundation. In a short amount of time, the software has been an “all in one” saving grace. Intelidy was offered at the Kasem Cares Conference on Aging as a solution for industries and organizations that support the elderly in long term care settings such as assisted living, nursing homes, home health care, and non-profits. It allows them to use their resources where it matters most: Caring for people.

Kerri Kasem, President of Kasem Cares

As a speaker on innovation and CEO of a fast-paced business in the digital world, hands down there is no other software with the brains like Intelidy! I had no clue that this type of technology existed and it is a game changer for me. From a management and HR perspective, Intelidy provides everything I need to grow my business and maximize resources with less staff and increased efficiencies for positive bottom line results.

Lisa Caprelli, CEO of Go Glossy Public Relations

Communication is at an all-time high and my management team couldn’t be happier. We can focus on actually managing the business, rather than gathering data. Our business has been transformed by Intelidy.

Laura Redman, CEO, Community Access