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Intelidy is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution.

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Payroll Time & Attendance

Provides everything you expect from a time and attendance system and more. A paperless and efficient system, Intelidy streamlines and simplifies payroll processes and approvals.

Human Resources

Tracks performance data, PTO balances, turnover, healthcare compliance requirements, training, counseling – and so much more.

Document & Process Management

Intelidy offers a comprehensive system to store and organize documents, track expiring records, schedule events and share tasks. Upload and access documents with just a click.

Customer Management

The Customer Management module is a comprehensive information system that allows you to store basic information on your customers, track data and upload files. It also provides the ability to customize categories for project management, communications, and other important events or tasks.

Automated Compliance Management

Automates eligibility compliance checks for fraud exclusions and misconduct registries for employees and contractors. Recognized as a best practice by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

Facility / Department Management

Automatically tracks and displays key metrics such as vacancies, variance reports for actual to plan by cost center, and other performance indicators.

Billing and Receivables Management

Intelidy tracks ALL of your billing, not just attendance, and also helps you to ensure that you actually receive what you bill.

Care Management

The Care Management Module includes comprehensive charting management, budgeting by client, records management, medication management, and an integrated EMAR system with participating pharmacies.


Intelidy is an innovative cloud-based integrated solution. An all-in-one system, Intelidy reduces costs and improves compliance.

See how we stack up to the competition:

Intuitive User Interface

Easy to use, color-coded features and functionality that other systems do not have.

Modular & Flexible

Intelidy’s integrated system components allow for custom integration.

Best Practices

Compliance Management recognized as a “Best Practice” by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.


      Legal Compliance

      Cost Effective

     Streamlined Processes


    Cloud Based

    Modular & Flexible


    Increases Productivity & Efficiency

    Reduced Administrative & Staffing Costs


Increase In Communication


Positive Feedback


Trees Saved


Paperwork Required

What users are saying about Intelidy:

As a payroll manager, my job is so much easier with Intelidy. The timeclock system is outstanding and imports seamlessly into the accounting program.

Intelidy Customer

So easy to use! My employees love that they can view upcoming shifts, submit requests, and record staff notes from their individual dashboard.

Intelidy Customer

The employee scheduling feature is awesome!

Intelidy Customer

We can now do so much more with less people! An affordable system, less the half the price of what others charge just for time and attendance. Not only is their time and attendance system state of the art, we get so much more! It’s loaded with special features that really work.

Intelidy Customer

Love the automated notifications of benefit eligibility to employees.

Intelidy Customer

We can manage the maze of compliance much more confidently with less staff.

Intelidy Customer

I no longer have employees lined up outside my office on pay day with payroll problems. Intelidy really has improved our processes.

Intelidy Customer

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